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Thursday, April 1, 2010
Variety Underground Apr 1st

Los Banditos del Canto - longform musical improv comedy featuring Shawn Amaro, Ruby Marez, Caitlin McClure, Nick Morrison, Juila Sun and Ben Wellington

Lady Blanche (myspace) - Lady Blanche is a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, and shredder. She is singlehandedly responsible for the emergence of the groundbreaking and boundary pushing Elevator Riot Gal movement. Her music is a melange of punk-twanged cheeky compositions, not so ladylike confessionals, and stream of consciousness rambles. She puts the human condition on a pedestal and glorifies it with graceful irreverence, shitbucketloads of heart, and fervent immediacy. Her live performances are often ruckus affairs containing much laughter, an occasional tear, and more often than not, a really bad 90's cover song

Howdy Stranger - longform improv comedy featuring Ryan Huban, TJ del Reno, Andy Sarno, Carlo Rojas and Lau Gallico-Klohe

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